Gender Neutral Fashion Looks Amazing

Many people believe that gender neutral fashion does not exist, but this is far from the truth. Gender neutral fashion is becoming more and more popular among consumers, which leads us to believe that it will soon become the norm rather than the exception. What exactly does gender neutral fashion mean? It means clothing that men and women wear interchangeably or clothing that can be worn by either sex without causing any offense, like women wearing men’s suits and vise versa. While there are some people who are against this type of clothing, we think it’s an amazing concept and hope that it gains more popularity.

What Does It Mean To Be Gender Neutral?
Gender neutral clothing is a term used to describe clothing that is designed to not have a specific gender association or to accommodate both genders. For example, pants and shorts can be worn by either sex. While many people have embraced gender neutral clothing, there are still those who believe that it's unnatural for men and women to dress alike, especially in business settings where professionalism is key. However, there are lots of benefits to wearing gender neutral clothes at work including increased comfort and productivity. The Pros of Wearing Gender Neutral Clothing: There are lots of advantages to wearing gender neutral clothing at work, including more comfort and flexibility. Wearing pants instead of skirts or dresses will allow you to move around more freely throughout your day without having to worry about exposing yourself accidentally. Another benefit is added convenience; if you’re constantly running out of clean underwear, then going commando under your gender neutral skirt might be an option for you! Wearing shirts with no buttons or zippers also means you won't need to waste time fumbling with them while trying to get ready in a hurry. If You're Not Used To It: If you're not used to wearing gender neutral clothing, it may take some getting used to. Some people find that they feel less attractive when they wear gender neutral clothes because they're accustomed to being complimented on their appearance. But don't let looks distract from what really matters - comfort and functionality!

The Benefits of Moving Toward a Gendered-Neutral Style
In addition to broadening your fashion horizons, a gender-neutral style will allow you to save time and energy. Gender neutral fashion is completely unisex. That means that once you have a closet full of clothes in neutral colors, no matter what your gender, you can wear any piece of clothing in your wardrobe and look great! When going out shopping for new clothes, you’ll be able to find something that works for anyone in your family. This opens up some really great possibilities anyone! If you think about it, you'll also just need half the clothes you have now if you're a couple! :)

How to Pull Off A Gendered-Neutral Look
One of the biggest challenges with any fashion category is that as soon as you set yourself apart from other people by wearing something, then everyone else knows you’re wearing it. The same goes for gendered-neutral styles—but if you pull off gender-neutral looks, you can get away with wearing whatever tickles your fancy without worrying about a thing. We have plenty of different products on our website that will give you a lot of style. Be sure to check it out :)

What's Next For The Movement?
Gender-neutral fashion is here to stay, and companies are already taking note. Both Zara and H&M have started adding more unisex pieces to their collections, and retailers like Target are releasing gender-neutral clothing lines for kids. Here at Pitod, we're only starting but we're pretty sure we'll go far! As we like to say, our concept is you :)

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