Our Sustainability Pledge

Find here details of what we do and who we work with to make sure we remain a sustainable company - for the planet and the community.

Our Supply Chain

We only use factories that are certified for their ethical behaviour, sustainability focus and transparency.

Below you can see our factory's sustainability report along with all certifications that they have accomplished.

Sustainability Report 2021

Our Operations

Even with sustainable factories, we will have our operations to take care of.

Every time you buy something, it creates a record in our database, transportation, transactions and thousands of other things that have high carbon emission.

We work with partners to offset this so we can make sure nothing we do creates more harm to our planet.

Eliminating Our Impact through our Partners

As you shop, we use part of the money to plant trees and offset any carbon emmission that is still needed to deliver products to you. Below you can see the tree count so far and the partners we use to make it happen. Our objective is to be climate positive and we're working as hard as we can to make sure this happens.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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