At Pitod, we take our DNA very seriously. It represents things that are very deep in our hearts, and it’s embedded into everything we do.

For the People

We think you are the world, and you have the power to be, to express and to wear whatever you want, as well as the power to demand the social responsibility in all the supply chain. We also think that the frame we are born in does not define who or what we are. We are an empowering GENDERLESS everyday clothing brand that is here to give you freedom to be you and to share our passion for helping the planet. We work in a very high standard of ethics in our team but also through our suppliers. Fair trade and ethical practices are embedded in our standard so we can EMPOWER everyone in the ENVIRONMENT around us.

For the Planet

We believe that we can achieve the material needs of our society respecting the natural resources through the best usages of it - producing high quality TIMELESS goods that are made to last. We only use organic or recycled materials of the highest quality in all our products, doing our part for the planet and for your health. We work hard to offset any carbon emission and be a climate positive company. Visit our SUSTAINABILITY page to know more.

Our Mission

It's not just about being a body positive brand or offsetting carbon emissions like we are. It’s showing everyone that Pitod’s DNA is built in everything we do for a reason. Our ultimate mission is for our values to become the standard in our society.